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build some company


Are you

What is innovation:
have you demonstrated the possibility of the inconceivable, technically speaking?

SHould you

Not everyone should be innovating: drug lords, murderers, and greedy bastards shouldn't be, just to name a few.


What is Your Value?

Do you help to fairly distribute risk across the innovation dynamic?  Not sure what that means?  Come chat with us :)


NExt ITeration GOvernance

We are fans of the Chia Blockchain ($XCH).  It is sustainable and built for enterprise level transactions without requiring multi-layered infrastructure.
Hoove is a complicated ecosystem built on Chia, and will require some effort on your part to understand it.  If you do not find it compelling, then you do not understand it and are encouraged to work harder.  If neither the capacity to understand nor the desire to work to understand are available to you, then leave now, please.  Below is a link to a simple google doc with a glossary of Hoove Concepts:

HElp us fairly Redistribute Risk Across the INnovation Dynamic

Step 1:

Meet the team and figure if something like this is for you.  DAOs are weird and the people in them are weird.  THis will get weird.

Step 2:

Sign the DAO agreement where you pledge to not to steal anyone's ideas.  Just don't steal and were cool, but still weird.

Step 3:

Earn AR, convert it into HOOVE, then use HOOVE to support more people to grow their AR and convert it to Hoove. 
It's a circle. 
A weird Circle.

781 320 2501

©2022 Idea Trek LLC

Now that you've read that:

 THe Wright Building

379 Liberty Street STE 101N

Rockland, Ma 02370

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an Ideatrek concept

Not ready to join Hoove?  Try our training program.  Focus on research, business development, or hone software, design, and product skills 
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