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The objective is to find you a full-time job with benefits, which pays you enough money to cover your bills, and is super flexible.

It needs to be simple enough that an idiot could do it, so you can spend all day thinking about ways to build and grow your company.


A) your company  40

B) sleep 40 hours/week

C) job to pay bills and get health insurance

It’s critical this job is NOT professional. Professional jobs entail climbing a corporate ladder, and you cannot climb a corporate ladder and run a startup. You need a job that allows you to bring your 100% A game to Ideatrek duties. In fact, the people you talk with regarding your company, they should not even know you have it.

Thus you need a position with a company where it is neither encouraged nor even expected that you would list it on LinkedIn. It should also be completely mindless. You should also have enough flexibility and lack of oversight such that you can conduct your business while on the clock. It should also be a position which you don’t care about losing.

So focus on the goal:

just enough cash,
health insurance,
and the most flexibility possible.

Introductory call password, write only the password in the "add your message section".

The password is: toast

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