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IdeaTrek Associate

IAs support our field teams in a variety of ways. You’ll learn everything from business development to strategic resource planning and software development management. A week in the life entails 5 meetings with prospective founders, supervisory meetings with your field team mentor, and solving the many problems that arise from starting a company.


Inbound Lead Manager

ILMs contact inbound leads. An inbound lead came to us through one of our partners, and are (usually) eager to hear from you. You will use whatever information we have about the lead to find and further introduce our services to them.


Marketing Manager

Marketing managers support sales initiatives of our portfolio companies.


Portfolio Manager

Our PM team works with family offices, accredited investors, private equity firms, and our limited partners to maintain transparent and to date representations of our work. A week in the life entails 5 meetings with prospective investors, 5 meetings with existing clients, and constant contact with our executives in the field.


Social Media - Freelance

Think you have what it takes to generate business through social media? Prove it.

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