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Dr. Chris Tweedt,
Christopher Newport University

Philosophy professor at Christopher Newport University. Previously an entrepreneur and research analyst, I now teach business ethics, medical ethics, contemporary ethical issues, and other philosophy courses. My main research areas include business ethics, epistemology, and philosophy of religion.

Achieving Objectivity

In the course, you’ll learn how to make objective evaluations of yourself, others, and our projects. We make evaluations of our abilities, the morality of our actions, and the value of our projects, and we make the same evaluations of others. Ideally, we would think objectively, but there are obstacles to objective thinking, including bias, groupthink, overconfidence, and narrow thought patterns. We’ll discuss objective thinking from both Philosophical and Psychological perspectives, and we will apply these perspectives to business decisions, moral assessments, and other areas (as time and interest allows). You’ll leave with a broad knowledge of the issues relevant to thinking objectively and how to identify and address these issues in real-world practice.



Each participant has the option to write an article with guidance and editorial comments from the instructor. Selected papers will be published, including opportunities to find coauthors and research partners from the Ideatrek community. 


Course fees are:             


Scholarships and partial fee waivers are available.  Other perks include participation in an innovation ethics workshop, skills development, mentorship, and full access to community events, projects, and resources. 


10 weeks, remote

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