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Jason Albertson,
Director of Trading for IdeaTrek

20 years of experience in data analytics in a variety of industries, including Information Technology, Security and Threat Analysis, Healthcare Operations and Laboratory Science.

Data Science Job Training

The goal of this course is to prepare aspiring data scientists for the unseen challenges. You will perform a variety of data collection tasks, learn about analysis and evaluation, and understand how to present findings.

Our team will work with you until you have been hired. This may take weeks, months, or even years depending on your abilities. We will not quit on you.



Each participant has the option to write an article with guidance and editorial comments from the instructor. Selected papers will be published, including opportunities to find coauthors and research partners from the Ideatrek community. 


Course fees are:             


Scholarships and partial fee waivers are available.  Other perks include participation in an innovation ethics workshop, skills development, mentorship, and full access to community events, projects, and resources. 


indefinite coaching

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