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Sophie, President of Lilac Media

How to Become a Freelancer

“Mawidge. Mawidge is what bwings us togeva... today.” (Princess Bride)Not just any marriage, either. An arranged marriage, set sometime in Europe in the 1700s, so divorce is not an option. The bride? Your ideas. The groom? Your hard headed self.In learning to be a freelancer in this course, you will first and foremost learn to embrace your passionate side. At first glance, this may seem like something you shouldn’t need a course for. After all, aren’t your multitude of ideas the easy part? Well, surprisingly, not for most. Most people on earth have at least one original idea in their lives - even if many ideas have derivatives that have already been created. But most people do not try to turn their ideas into the source of their livelihood. Many try to live their dream and discover how much it hurts to face rejection from majority of the people they pitch their idea to, or they discover the hurdles that await implementation. It’s daunting, it’s discouraging, and it makes you want to just work a desk job for the rest of your life. However, there’s a method to the madness of realizing your dreams, quantifying what you need to make them happen, and actually launching to the moon. That’s what this course aims to iron out for you. Whether you yourself have a talent or a passion you’re desperate to turn into your livelihood, or you want to be a venture capitalist that helps others realize their dreams, you will need to understand the mental gymnastics required to overcome your internal doubts. Furthermore, you will need to understand the basic steps of implementation to understand what you or your investments are up against, practically. The course spans two sessions, one to establish your feelings and make peace with them - as well as to begin your list of tasks to accomplish before you can launch. The second explores getting and retaining clients, and then how to deal with difficult clients. Among the other lessons you will learn on your journey to venture capitalism, this course will equip you with a full understanding of what start ups and freelancers must go through to even get to the point that they’re looking for an investment.



Each participant has the option to write an article with guidance and editorial comments from the instructor. Selected papers will be published, including opportunities to find coauthors and research partners from the Ideatrek community. 


Course fees are:             


Scholarships and partial fee waivers are available.  Other perks include participation in an innovation ethics workshop, skills development, mentorship, and full access to community events, projects, and resources. 


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