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Marc Anderson, Phd

AI and Ethics researcher at The Loria Research Institute in Nancy, France

Hyperthematics: How to Create Value

This is a course about value, suggesting a different way to understand and to create it. Value as
society understands it now, is held back by certain limiting assumptions. New assumptions will
be offered at the beginning of the course, allowing us to redefine value. From there we will
outline a set of practical hyperthematic principles to follow in increasing value. We will observe
the principles already at work in the best of human creativity in the arts and performing arts.
We will then explore some ways that the principles can be re-applied, using the realm of the
commercial corporation as a particular test case. By the end of the course you will have learned
the basics of applying the principles to areas such as product design and human organization,
you will have developed a better sense of value in your surroundings, and you will have a
beginning understanding of how to apply the principles to your own projects.



Each participant has the option to write an article with guidance and editorial comments from the instructor. Selected papers will be published, including opportunities to find coauthors and research partners from the Ideatrek community. 


Course fees are:             


Scholarships and partial fee waivers are available.  Other perks include participation in an innovation ethics workshop, skills development, mentorship, and full access to community events, projects, and resources. 


10 weeks, remote

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