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Scott A. Densmore, MBS, CBI

Business Intermediary with The FBB Group, Ltd.

Maximizing Exit Value

Discuss how you can prepare any business for exit. We will explore financials, value drivers, working with brokers, and what to expect throughout the sales process. Webinars will cover business organization and how identify areas that need improvement. Then, we will explore what buyers are looking for, including how you may be able to expand or pivot if necessary. There are many kinds of buyers out there and they want to see different things. For example, a strategic or synergistic buyer may see value in a number of different aspects of your business, while a financial buyer will focus on your cash flow. You will learn about business valuation, current market trends, negotiation, business planning and financing. Someone's business is their most valuable asset, and these webinars will teach you to protect that whether you start and sell your own business or help someone else sell theirs.



Each participant has the option to write an article with guidance and editorial comments from the instructor. Selected papers will be published, including opportunities to find coauthors and research partners from the Ideatrek community. 


Course fees are:             


Scholarships and partial fee waivers are available.  Other perks include participation in an innovation ethics workshop, skills development, mentorship, and full access to community events, projects, and resources. 


Weekly, remote

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