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Project Description:

Awesome NFT projects going to blow the socks off with hexagon pals


Capital contribution of each founder:

The founders agree to split all costs equally with AR/Cash as required for the development and maintenance of the platform and protection of company resources from the time of this agreement.  No founder is required to make an initial capital contribution.


Percentage of shares to be held by each founder: 

The founders agree to an equal split of any shares, units, or other methods of ownership assignment.


Remuneration of Founders:

The founders agree to no remuneration until after a series A round of funding, acquisition, or until this agreement is replaced via incorporation.


Role of each founder: 

Ideatrek will be responsible for all institutional backend, operational, and reporting responsibilities

Matthew Anderson // 59 Bridge St, Medfield, MA 02052, USA // Techincal development, smart contract deployment

Marie Pacelli // 35 fenton street boston ma 02122 // Designing the pals to look awesome!

Whether the founders are restricted from competing with the business of the company after they exit: 

The founders may work on other businesses during the life of the company until otherwise required by future agreements.  However, the founders are not allowed to share company secrets, technology, or intellectual property with other ventures unless permitted by the other founders in writing.


How the company’s confidential information and intellectual property will be protected:

No founder shall share, sell or otherwise disseminate any information regarding company  business with any outside party for the life of the company until a future agreement is reached.


Progress Reports

Sat Dec 17 2022 // Matthew Anderson is now EPE. // undefined // $undefined

Thu Jul 07 2022 // Marie Pacelli is now EPE. // undefined // $undefined

Mon Jun 20 2022 // @ThrillKicker has joined the team! He is working closely with @jeremyocolon on the giveaways/marketing.

We have more promotional material for Discord and Twitter. Still working on final art.

HOOVE pool being created to give @ThrillKicker his cut.

FAQs and roadmap updated and mostly finalized. Some of that still depends on what we can accomplish for promotions.

Probably pushing back public sale until mid-Sept. // // $0

Mon May 30 2022 // Discord created and invites sent out. Rewriting story, timeline, and FAQ sections of website. Art still being finalized.

Need to get presales. Hopefully Discord will help that.

Create a HOOVE pool? // // $0

Wed May 18 2022 // Rinkeby test mint successful with test artwork. 40 out of 51 so far, would like to sell out to see what that looks like.

Jeremy is still slinging it on Twitter. Marie is still killing it with the enhanced artwork. // // $0

Wed May 18 2022 // Matthew Anderson is now EPE. // undefined // $undefined

Sat Apr 16 2022 // Robert A. Ricketts is now EPE. // undefined // $undefined

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