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Idea Trek LLC

379 Liberty St. #101N

Rockland, MA 02370

Hoove Holder Investor Statement

Total Hoove: 150469.13; AggAR: 170482.64; Hoove Index: 1.133007415

OK, we notched up another few % points this month. The sales funnel is cruising, there's no shortage of leads, we've seen considerable return customer activity, and added a bunch of new Hoovers again!


Everyone needs to get on testnet to claim their tokens and help us refine interactions. Remember, this is a utility token concept, not a pump and dump. So we cannot just release it into the ether and pray. We have to make sure it is functioning as envisioned and that people can't con the system. So we run tests!


You need to send me your wallet address. If you don't have a wallet, set one up at Metamask or Coinbase, or any other platform. This is the fun part and I'happy to run crypto tutorials etc. Let me know!


Otherwise, your tokens will just sit there gaining value, and that's just fine :) Up 13% this year, annualized to 24%. Keeping line with the S&P which was also up over 20%.


That probably won't happen again this year, so storing value in a utility token that grows based on community value rather than speculative trading might be a good idea! Get in touch.


All Best, and fine....happy new year...


781 320 2501

Join the Discord if you haven't already:

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