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Idea Trek LLC

379 Liberty St. #101N

Rockland, MA 02370

Hoove Holder Investor Statement

Total Hoove: 105469.13; AggAR: 117474.91; Hoove Index: 1.113832171

Hello all! The Index is up to 1.11 now, meaning your Hoove value has increased by about 11%.


We are starting to build the actual tokens now and hope to set live within the month.


This means you will all need to get a MetaMask account. MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet and is used to hold your tokens. Once we release the token, you will also want to set up an account on UniSwap, which is a platform where you can buy, sell, and trade cryptocurriencies.


Obviously, there will not be tons of buyers/sellers of Hoove once it is listed, but building that market will be the next phase.


If you need help with or have questions about any of this stuff, please let me know. And if you want to help set it up, or even just learn how to, please reach out!

Statement Date
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