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Idea Trek LLC

379 Liberty St. #101N

Rockland, MA 02370

Hoove Holder Investor Statement

Total Hoove: 130469.13; AggAR: 145065.91; Hoove Index: 1.111879186

In November, we added 5 new Hoovers, and have constructed an efficient lead generation and sales process filling up the new pipeline. Proof will be in the new revenue pudding over the next few months!


Today 12/1 we are starting to develop the ERC20 token, which will allow all Hoove Holders to liquidate their tokens on exchanges like Uniswap. You will need to set up a metamask account or similar wallet to store your tokens. If you need help setting this up, let us know. We can also liquidate your tokens for you at launch. Plenty of options, but I encourage you to explore web3!


We have 4 startups developing themselves within the ecosystem: Figurs, Supply Finch, Trupe, and Cassidy's Babysitting App (brand in the works). I encourage all Holders to meet the founders!


Figurs is a resume building application. Awesome crew from Texas!

Supply Finch is a procurement platform for enterprise and small businesses.

Trupe is a consumer facing travel ecosystem.

And Cassidy's app is for her community of Babysitters to connect with local families.


We are also working with several other DAOs to organize an informational conference to explore how particicipants in DAOs generally can make the most of their opportunities. Contact us for more info on how to participate!


Email, text, call with any questions!

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