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Idea Trek LLC

379 Liberty St. #101N

Rockland, MA 02370

Hoove Holder Investor Statement

Total Hoove: 245469.13; AggAR: 278305.64; Hoove Index: 1.133770426

Markets are crashing and war is looming. Hoove value? Stable. We generated over $10k in revenue last month and added almost 15 new Hoovers. This left the index relatively unchanged. The index is a function of the total AR and total Hoove supply. As we add Hoovers, total Hoove supply increases, and as we add AR, AR increases. Now that we are at 50 Hoovers we will be more discerning with adding new Hoovers, so the index SHOULD because growing month over month assuming new AR trends continue. Very exciting times!


Reach out for more info, would love to walk you through everything!




Statement Date
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