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Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager


Looking to add folks to our affiliate group. We promote all sorts of products from our portfolio. We provide all sorts of training, competitive commission, and a supportive community.

-analyze and select optimal distribution channels
-organize and maintain relationships with affiliate contacts
-aggressively approach markets and ICPs

Essential Skills:
-data analysis
-excellent verbal and written communication
-passion for startups and new ventures
-public deference to authority; clandestine resistance

-commission based on affiliate codes, individually negotiated

Please send an introductory email to our hiring team at

If we require further documentation - such as a resume or cover letter - we will respond to your email with our requests.

Ideatrek IS different.  While we only contract candidates as 1099 independent contractors, we celebrate, support, and enjoy the existence and method of distinction and difference for the benefit of those in our company.  Ideatrek is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace for independent contractors.

Not ready to join Hoove?  Try our training program.  Focus on research, business development, or hone software, design, and product skills 
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