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The name of our investment club.

whats an investment club? a group of people who pool some money and decide as a group what investments to make. It is critical in an investment club that every member participates since clubs are not licensed brokers or fiduciaries.

as such, we need to ensure every member of the club is not only committed to participating, but also can participate constructively. In order to test this, we have trainings.

first, you will pick one stock a day and track it’s performance. You must tell us what you’re picking, guess the next day’s price, and your reason, then fill out the daily sheet.

once youve consistently completed this task for two weeks, a member will start using their personal money to trade based on your picks. You pick a stock, ill buy the stock, we see how it does. ill give you 50% of the profit after capital gains tax. if it loses money, no worries, ill eat it.

the return you receive is used to create your account in the investment club. If you earn $100, awesome! We transfer the money to the club brokerage account and you’re in! If you only make $50, you can either take the money and buy some food, OR put $50 of your own dollars in to reach $100, OR keep doing daily picks to turn it into $100.

if you’d like, you can join the club. The max contribution, however, is $2200 per SEC guidelines concerning accredited investor status. we are sticking to the letter of the regulation. $100 is the minimum to join.

all that said, no one is allowed to join until completing at least 2 months of training.

Join here

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