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The One Fact New Freelancers & Small Businesses Must Face

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Freelancers and small businesses (I'll call them newbies) are popping up all over our ever-evolving, tech-driven society. However, there doesn't seem to be a change in mindset - from employee to freelancer/contractor or small business owner - and it's at the core of failed businesses. Newbies usually fall into 3 categories: 1) Wishing and hoping for new clientele/customers without using marketing. 2) Personally marketing themselves/their businesses in order to gain new clientele/customers using social media, websites, etc. Note: Proceed with caution when anyone offers to do it for free. 3) Paying a marketing expert with a proven track record for successfully delivering new clientele/customers. Fact is: all newbies have to make a choice between #2 or #3 in order to be successful. If not and #1 is the choice, then going back to working for someone else may make the most sense! Many people believe our insta-culture is transferable where not much time or effort is needed to achieve the desired result. This is simply an untruth when switching from the 'E' to the' S' or 'B' quadrant. Success - in any industry - takes committed smart, hard work, consistency and a compounded investment of both time and money. While investing money into your business can definitely save time, it does not guarantee success will come any faster if you try to skip the work!

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