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Why “Market” and “Marketing” don’t matter

Anytime anyone pitches a startup, some smart aleck asshole says “what’s the market?”.

Heres why that doesnt matter:

1) innovative products create their own market.

this comes up all the time So I won’t make the case....but to say, beanie babies.

2) if you can serve 1 person, you can serve n+1 persons.

when You’re starting out, it’s just you and your clients. This issue speaks to larger orgs too. The last 8 years have seen a push to personalization...why? Because platforms and tools tried to address the latest market possible and had to back track because new companies were somehow disrupting their growth. that somehow?: creating awesome, intimate experiential value.

3) there’s no light switch

its not like you’re addressing no market, then the whole market overnight. It takes tons of time.

4) where you start is not where you’ll end

the best companies have a pivot moment. They started going one way, then adjusted. Embrace the pivot. It’s the world dangling candy....get the candy. If you focus too heavily on a market, you’ll get closer-vision (trying to close one value prop tooooo hard) and just look like an asshole.

theres more stuff, text me to cintinue the conversation. You won’t change My mind so please only engage if you want to push the idea forward. If you want to be critical, write your own damn post.

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