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I have been blessed with 35+ years in HiTech (25 years), Renewable Energy for 12 years and decided to give back and invested in a Non-Medical In-Home care agency where we provide the heroes (Caregivers) to our clients in need. I have worked in 3 very exciting segments of the markets. Out of college I was with StorageTek then to Tandem, Oracle and then EMC. I jumped off the brick and mortar companies to take a swing of the bat with early phase ventures and have had a wild and fun ride through 6 projects. We were very fortunate to have learned from our mistakes and prosper from our 3 winners that were acquired.

I got bored with HiTech and decided to jump into renewable energy where I still take on 3-4 projects (Advisory) today. Working with multi national companies trying to figure it all out and help them understand the markets and develop high performing sales and sales engineering teams to compete. My journey ended in Renewables with Enel X where I was part of the team launching the companies Micro Grid investments. Our software turned out to be late to the test bed and we paused. At that time I was ready for something very different.

I saw a huge and growing challenge in America for Senior Care (primarily) where the service providers were not executing on behalf of the clients they served. I know this because I was a client with my mother inlaw and we tried 4 local providers and all failed or didn't show up. My wife and I decided this was an area I could excel in as I pride myself in servicing clients from their POV not mine.

I have three amazing kids. Two living in California and One married and living in Mexico City for the past 7 years. I have 2 wild and crazy grandchildren and hoping for more!

My wife and I were married in California in 1985 and have been having fun ever since.

Where Can I help you or your companies?

I have developed Sales and Sales Engineering teams in over 10 countries. Running and operating highly competitive teams that have a wonderful time doing what they do. I manage from a hands on and love to be involved with the clients when needed. Never been good being in an office for too long! If you need help with building plans around a sales staff let me know. I can also help with evaluating M&A's as I was involved internationally with projects throughout my career.

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