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Marc Anderson

AI Ethics

HTX! Hyperthematics is an innovative approach to the question of value. Stemming from my doctoral work on Whitehead and Royce, Hyperthematics explores the principles how value expands and contracts, and then develops way to apply those principles to ensure we consistently expand value.

Roger Hunt


Innovation Ethics explores the conditions of investing in Innovation. WE set out to answer three questions: 1) what counts as innovation; 2) who should be innovating; and 3) how should we value innovations. The goal is to develop a generalized theory of innovation to guide current and future investors.

Roger Hunt


The unconscious Cinema.

Watching a movie is a window to observe the unconscious in real time. Our goal is to catalog every film and investigate it as an unconscious as Roger Hunt does in his essay "The Big Lebowski's Oedipal Complex.

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