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Ideatrek Semester Stipend

Research Paper

The primary task of the Summer Research program is to write a 5000-7500 word paper on a topic of your choice and relating it to innovation ethics.  You will have considerable support from our staff as you complete your paper.

Papers will address three questions and support your answers with research and reasoning based on your particular area of interest.

The three questions are:

1) What counts as innovation?

2) Who should be innovating?

3) How should we value innovations?

For examples, you might be interested in animal welfare.  You would then research and report on various examples of innovation in the pet care industry, develop interesting answers to these questions, and defend your answers as though you were asked to develop vision and guidance for industry leaders.​

Ideatrek Summer Stipend Particulars  

1. Each recipient will be provided with a $5,000 stake in Shangri La

2. Each recipient will learn at Ideatrek Workshops how to select and research common stock, write investment reports, and purchase and sell stock.

3. Each recipient will manage their stake as a provisional member of Shangri La during their internship

4. After completion of the internship and submission of their paper, 80% of stock appreciation and dividends (up to $10,000 per account) will be transferred to the recipient.  Recipients will not be responsible for any loss.

5. The program lasts 12 weeks, and successful participants will be invited to participate as full members in Shangri La.

Selection Process


We will post a call for applications on Handshake, so please check with your University to ensure we are connected and that they will support your application.


We will only accept applications through Handshake.


After the deadline our selection committee will narrow applicants to the top 10%, and then conduct a lottery.   

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