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Why do we exist?

To take down the Startup Industrial Complex (SICX).

What is SICX?

Money goes from investors to founders in exchange for ownership.  Then the money goes from founders to vendors.  Vendors make out by selling services and Investors make out by managing risk, but Founders have a very small chance of success.  And IF they succeed, only investors see the upside due to ownership.

Successful Founder
25% chance of success, cf

We seek to end this model.  

We collectively bargain with vendors for better rates and higher standards.

We eliminate the need for angel and seed capital.

Our deliverables are revenue based.  And we don't stop until we reach the goal, so our success rate will always be 100%.  We're in there for every pivot, every set back...everything.

JGS Dev:
$15k MRR,
Sales Ramp:
$5k MRR,
first $1,
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