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You may notice the URL is different!!

It is :)

Everything is still the same, just a little rebrand action to FOCUS ON OUR DAO/WEb3 Project.

We still offer WIX VELO and web Design Services.

WE Are still looking for great projects to invest in.

TO learn more, the best move is to send a whatsapp, Text or Call:

OR email

OR explore HooveDAo


We treat risk as care.  The effect is to nullify the exploitative arms of the startup industrial complex: financiers and services providers.


Without the financial constraint of a 10 year portfolio, we can take companies where they SHOULD go, and not where it's easy to go.


Thus, we avoid the innovation/optimization conflation, and focus solely on making progress though fairness while demonstrating the possibility of the inconceivable.

  • Thinking About Value
    Every Friday at 10am EST
    Conference call
    Weekly sessions to explore value, how to create value, and how to deliver value to others and the world.
  • Innovation Ethics Workshop
    Wednesday at 3pm EST
    In partnership with Claremont Philosophers, we host weekly meeting to discuss the state of innovation, form strategies for starting companies, and build some company.
  • OneHour Startup Hack (OSH)
    Every other Monday morning, 7am EST
    Build a company with a group of strangers in One Hour!
Not ready to join Hoove?  Try our training program.  Focus on research, business development, or hone software, design, and product skills 
Join Hoove by clicking here
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