Junnel Lewis

Junnel Lewis co-founder of Lewis Art Collection Ms J Lewis volunteers her time in her community and is an active member in many NPOs /NGOs organization from a strategic level as well as an operational level. Ms J Lewis spends her spare time painting self-taught for over twenty (20) years. Is an active member of Women in Art Organisation of Trinidad and Tobago (WIAOTT) and The Director/Treasurer of the Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago (ASTT). In 2022, Ms J Lewis was one of the two artists featured in the 9th Beijing International Art Biennale, a cultural event for the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022, collaborate with Mr Rellon Brown for the Bridgetown International Art Festival 2022 and currently IICA-EbA-CBF Youth Arts Competiton (Antigua, St Lucia, Dominica and Trinidad & Tobago).

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The Swan
The artist was inspired by the movie the Swan Princess Movie, the technique is impressionism and impasto The bright red, yellows and orange shows a warmness to the painting. The autumn leaves fall in the background as the swan sits in the warm blue lake. She is waiting for her true love. This represents the innocence and purity of a young maiden fully mature. The second meaning is beauty after being labelled “ugly duckling” a transformation of inner and outer. In the movie, prince Derek must pass the physical appearance to see the inner beauty of the princess.
The signs of the painting are young and new love, purity, and innocent. The calmness of the lake while surrounding contrasts show roughness.
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“In the afternoon the Scarlet Ibises return to roost on the mangroves. As if by some command, flock after flock will come in and transform the mangroves into ‘Christmas’ tress”.
One of the three pieces that represents the mind, the body and soul/heart. Mangroves represent the artist’s body as the roots is gets its nourishment from the soil (heritage).
The Mangroves is one of important to ecosystem and prevent erosion. Mangroves also provide natural infrastructure and protection to nearby populated areas by preventing erosion and absorbing storm surge impacts during extreme weather events such as hurricanes. In Trinidad and Tobago the important to protect our ‘body “ .

The painting medium is acrylic
|| 2020 || 18 || 20
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African Women
This piece represents the African woman, and how she balances holding her baby and wood to make. She is both nurturing and strong, caring and protective. My grandma used to make a Fufu, which inspire me to create this piece.
The painting medium is watercolours.
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