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Shalise Thomas

A multi-disciplinary artist that is primarily self-taught with a BA in Visual Arts from the University of the West Indies. My oeuvre exposes the truths of my consciousness and the memory of my chosen media. It tells a story that are both personal and collective.

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An acrylic pour manipulated to create a dreamland of abstract landscape. || 2021 || 9x12" || Acrylic paint on canvas board
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To see...
In order to be seen, you first have to see.

This piece was done in 2019 when I was the least confident in myself and I felt unnoticed. Looking now, I see the conflicting moments of wanting to be bold but also soft. This piece in 2022 allowed me to see things I unconsciously carved into the work. That is why I called it "To see". I think that in order to be seen, you first have to see yourself and see the people who are around you that care about you. I still battle with the emotions of not feeling like I exist in this vast world but my art comforts me and allows me to get out these challenging emotions into a tangible form. I hope my work could provide some relief as it does when I create them. || 2019 || 18"x24" || charcoal on mix media paper

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